Money Back Guarantee


Money Back Guarantee


It only takes a few months, and then things start to snowball really fast...

"Fame, Fortune, Fun, Freedom...
Why Do You Want a
Thriving Audience Business?"

Earn $3-6K/month within 12 months...
or I'll pay you $1,000 out of my own pocket!

Need help? Have questions?

Income that greatly exceeds anything you've made before. There are very few jobs that offer the same income potential as an Audience Business...

Turning a hobby or passion into profit
. You can spend your time doing the things that you love doing enough to do them for free... except you'll be paid to do it!

Freedom to work when and where you want. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’re all set.

Proving to yourself
(and maybe others, too) that you can build a successful business. This training will show you *everything* that you need to do.

Finally leaving the job that you hate
. You’ll be your own boss, make your own decisions, and take all the credit for your success.

I will show you the *exact* steps to follow, so that you will get the best possible results.

Until very recently, I only shared this training with my private students, who happily paid many thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars for it...

And now it is available to you, for a tiny fraction of its value - but I'm still guaranteeing that you'll be making at least $3-6K/month, within just a year. And you can look forward to breaking 6-figures in less than two years from today.

That's more than most engineers make, in less than half the time that it takes to get an engineering degree... ;-)

A Profitable Business Doing
What You WANT to Do

There are a lot of perks to running an Audience Business...

...and my absolute favorite is that I get to do what I love (in my case, that means helping people build their own businesses).

Your business will be built around doing what *you* love, whatever that may be. Here are some of the things that students of mine have described as their main goals:
What seems to surprise people the most is that an Audience Business (when you build it the right way) is actually *more* secure than most jobs.

No one can lay you off. And there's practically no limit to the potential growth.

Best of all, it's the most reliably profitable business model that I've ever seen (except, maybe, for government monopolies and drug cartels)...

Getting Started the Right Way Can Be Easy

How do you find the most profitable niche? 90% of people choose a niche that makes success difficult, or even impossible. When you follow the right process, you'll *always* find a niche that can reliably generate significant profits.

What if there are already lots of competitors? That's one of the most common "problems", but it isn't really a problem at all. You can actually turn it into a powerful advantage, if you know how.

How will you be different from the competition? It is *critical* that you differentiate yourself from others, but that doesn't mean you need to be "unique" - but don't worry, I'll show you exactly how to get the results you want, and avoid the pitfalls along the way...

Let's start by getting all of our cards on the table.

When you build a business, there are no "3-step formulas" or "7 clicks to getting rich".

It does take time and effort, so if you aren't ready for that, this isn't for you.


...if you're passionate about something...

...and you're willing to do the work...

...an Audience Business is probably the best way to go.

The first step is to figure out which market you want to serve, which niche to focus on first, and which angle to use that will be most attractive to them.

That's only the first step, but most people don't get it right - not even close!

They get sidetracked by thinking that they have to be unique, or by trying to copy what someone else is already doing successfully.

Now, I know that you have an idea of what it is that you want to do, and that's great.

But that idea is just a starting point, and the most obvious ideas aren't usually as good as they seem.

There's no "formula" that you can mindlessly follow to build a successful business, but there *is* a system for finding the right niche and market, and it's actually pretty straightforward.
How to build a list that gives you more than just bragging rights. There's no point in building a large list just for the sake of having a large list. You have to get the *right* people on there, or it's worthless.

The most damaging mistake that most people make when they're just getting started. The irony is that most people don't realize it's a mistake - they think it's the most straight-forward and obvious thing for them to do. And, as a result, most people fail miserably at building their business (yeah, there's a connection!). ;-)

Where can you find the people that you want to attract? Possibly the most common question that people ask is about finding their audience. And it might seem like a difficult question, but it really isn't when you understand the principle behind it...

It's Not the Traffic, It's the AUDIENCE!

There's a good reason for why traffic is such a popular topic.

But when you're building an Audience Business, traffic isn't the next step after finding your niche - not even close!

You shouldn't even have a blog yet - it'll only slow you down (but it's okay if you do, as long as you handle it right).

There are still a few more things that you have to do before trying to attract visitors.

The #1 most common cause of failure is skipping those steps, or doing them wrong (or even in the wrong order!).

Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

Because when it comes to traffic, there are two options; sure, the traffic can help your business grow by leaps and bounds, but if you go about it the wrong way, you'll just waste massive amounts of time (and maybe money), and all the traffic in the world won't make a bit of difference.

And unfortunately, most people don't get it right, and even when they do finally get the traffic they've been waiting for, the results aren't anything that they'd like to talk about...

Results That You'll WANT to Talk About
Most people who try to build an online business get results that they'd rather keep to themselves (to avoid embarrassment), but that's not how things go for my students.

No, as a student in my Audience Business Masterclass, here are some of the results that you can look forward to:

First of all, there's the *guarantee* that you will be earning at least $3-6K/month within a year. And if a six-figure business is your goal, you can look forward to having it in your second year.

What about subscribers? You can look forward to at least a few thousand subscribers within 12 months, and well over 10,000 subscribers in your second year.

Now, it's possible to get these results faster - it all depends on where you are with your business now, and how much you're willing to work on it.

And obviously, you've got to have what it takes to really make this work (I'll tell you more about that in a moment).

But it does take work - think about 10-20 hours per week for the first year, which is at least 2 hours per day.

And if you want to grow faster, it'll take even more time.

On the other hand, if "just" a few thousand dollars per month is enough for you, then you might be okay with less time, too...

It depends on the market that you're in, and the decisions you make about your business.

But here's the bottom line: If you're serious about this, you could easily make enough money to replace your income and quit your job by the end of this year (if that's what you want), and in the second year you can look forward to well over $70-120K/year, spending your time doing what you love.

So yeah - those are the kind of results that you should aim for and expect.

And if you start the training now, you should expect them within 12 months.

You can look forward to such a rapid timeline because I'll be there to guide you through every step along the way. Whenever you have any questions, or need help, I *want* you to reach out, so that my team and I can give you the help and answers that you need to keep on going.

Okay, I'll tell you more about the training in a moment, but first I want us to get on the same page about what an Audience Business actually is...

The True Marketing Genius of Seth Godin,
Tim Ferriss and Even Apple!

So, just to be clear, what *exactly* is an "Audience Business"?

And how is it different from any other kind of business?

It all comes down to the AUDIENCE.

Unlike just about any other kind of business, in an Audience Business the primary driver of your growth and profitability is the loyal, engaged audience.

Whereas in most businesses, the money you make tomorrow is determined by the work you do today, in an Audience Business, the money that you make today and tomorrow is already guaranteed, based on the relationships that you built yesterday, and last month, and last year.

So, instead of going from one advertising campaign to the next, you're building an audience that will stick with you, and drive your business's growth in the long term.

This doesn't just work online, either.

Sure, there are tons of very successful online businesses that follow this Audience Business model - businesses like Copyblogger, IttyBiz, and (ahem) Firepole Marketing.

But there are also lots of other businesses that follow this model:

Apple (yes, the one with all the iStuff). People think that innovative products or stylish design are the secret behind Apple's success, but the truth is that it's their Audience - people who are so committed to being part of the tribe that they line up for days so that they can be the first to buy the latest iDevice.
Software as a Service companies like FreshBooks and 37 Signals. These companies have stayed lean and agile, and grown to multi-million (or tens of millions) businesses, driven by the massive engagement of a community that is deeply engaged and supportive of their work.
Top-flight coaches like Jim Collins. Having a loyal and engaged following allows these coaches to charge as much as they want, set all the terms of the engagement, and still be in a position to turn away business (Jim Collins charges a ridiculously high number to his Fortune 500 CEO clients, and requires them to fly to his location to work with him for a week before sending them home to implement his instructions).
Thought-leaders like Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss. These people are able to continually push the envelope on innovative ideas, and launch massive success after massive success, because they have an enormous and highly passionate audience waiting to scoop up everything that they put out.
Major non-profit movements like TED. Even outside of the business world, organizations can rise to greatness by engaging the interest and loyalty of masses of people who care and benefit deeply about what they're doing.

What Will an Audience Do... for YOU?

Okay, yes, this all sounds great – but let's get down to brass tacks for a moment, and talk about why this is such a great model FOR YOU.

For one, it's the most reliable and sustainable business model I've ever seen.

And even more importantly, you can build this kind of business around almost any interest, passion, or expertise that you have.

There's also a very small cost to getting started (unless you spin your wheels doing it wrong, of course - but this training will take all that guesswork out of the equation).

And then there's the practically limitless growth potential (so, even if your goal is to make millions, an Audience Business is how I'd tell you to do it)...

But most importantly, having an audience driving your growth fundamentally changes the way you go about building your business, no matter what sort of business you want to be in, whether it's...

Coaching and Consulting. You will have more and better clients; instead of scrounging around at early morning networking events to find clients who might hire you (ever been to one of those?), you will be sought after by the sort of clients that love what you're doing, and are happy to pay your rates (probably higher rates than you're charging right now).

Selling Products. You will sell more e-books, training courses, physical products, or even software - more easily, to happier customers; instead of slaving away for months (or even years) building a product that nobody ends up buying, your audience will tell you exactly what they want, and then line up to buy it before you even open the cart.

Becoming a Published Author. It'll be easier than you ever thought it could be; instead of dreaming about writing your book, and sending out proposal after proposal to publishers and agents that ignore or reject you without even reading what you've sent, your audience will pay you to write the book, and propel it to best-sellerdom.

Getting Paid to Speak. You will be invited to speak at major events; instead of chasing after any and every opportunity to get in front of an audience, you will be invited to speak on the biggest stages in your industry... and you'll be paid for it, too!

And yeah, in case you're wondering, these aren't hypothetical examples - starting completely from scratch just a couple of years ago, I've done *all* of these things, and showed many of my students how to do the same.

What's Your Passion? What Do You Want to Do?

What is the interest that you want to build your business around?

Is it your hobby?

Or have you worked in your industry, and reached the point where you're ready to strike out on your own?

Just about *any* topic or subject area can work, as long as you follow the right process to refine your market and niche.

People often come to me with questions about how to choose the right market and niche, and it's no wonder that people struggle to get it right, because most people don't even know what terms like "competitor analysis" and "market validation" mean, and few of those who do really understand how to do it right.

But... when you strip these concepts down to the core - just as I'll show you how to do - anyone can find a great niche in a market that is *guaranteed* to be profitable.

It doesn't even matter if you don't know yet what you ultimately want to sell; actually, a lot of people don't know that when they start.

In fact, it's *better* not to have a clear idea of what you're going to sell, because your audience is the best guide to finding that out (and when they tell you what they want - which they will - you can bet that they'll be willing and eager to pay for it, too!).

I have more to share with you about how you will create products, services, and offers that will sell like hotcakes... but first, let's talk about how you'll grow big enough to make all of those sales!

Learn to use the list-building tactics that I used to grow Firepole Marketing, and that I'm continuing to use right now. And yes, these are tactics that you really shouldn't try before you know how to do it right (or nobody will take you seriously, and they won't work)...

The most important questions to ask (and answer!) about your audience. If you don't know the (right) answer to these questions, your odds of succeeding are minimal. And some of these questions aren't what you'd expect them to be.

What really makes visitors turn into subscribers, and later into customers. For your business to make money, this has happen smoothly and often. And yes, there is a system to making it happen consistently and reliably, and it might be the most important thing you'll ever learn about online business!
Scared of Technology? Don't Be!
"We'll do whatever it takes to get your technology working!"

A lot of people think that you need to be some sort of technical wizard to build an Audience Business.

Well, it's just NOT true.

Now, I'm not going to lie to you - you are going to need to learn some technology; otherwise it would be like thinking that you can open a bakery without learning to work the oven.


There's no reason to get stuck, because my team will be there to show you *exactly* how to use the tools that you'll need.

So, you will have to learn some technology, but it doesn't have to be difficult.

Not only will the training cover all of the tools you need, and how to use them...

...but if there's something that you can't figure out by yourself quickly, my team will be there to do whatever it takes to help you get it sorted.

This is a very special bonus that comes with the training, that I call "31-minute mark tech support." It means that if you spend 30 minutes trying to figure something out, and you're still stuck, you can reach out to us, and either Robyn or Amanda on my team will help you get it sorted – whether that means answering your questions, writing up a procedure that you can follow, or even getting on a Skype screen share to get it sorted together.

You have *unlimited* access to tech support for the first three months of the training, so there's plenty of time for you to get all of your systems up and running. And if you need help for longer than that, we can arrange that, too!

And that's not the only help you'll have access to, either...

We're Here for You 100%

Once you become our student, your success is our success, and we take that *very* seriously.

If you ever have a question about anything relating to the training or your Audience Business, we *want* you to reach out to us for help.

You can ask us about anything you want, as often as you need. For example:

                    Am I choosing the right niche?

                    Which traffic generation method should I use right now?

                    I get traffic, but no one subscribes. What's wrong?

                    I'm lost, what should I do next?

                    Here's my product idea. Is it okay?

                    People are un-subscribing from my list. What do I do?

                    How do I find the right place to submit guest posts to?

Or anything else that you might need help with...

You don't have to guess which method is best.

You don't have to wonder if you're making the right choices.

You don't have to waste weeks, months, or even years just to learn that you're heading in the wrong direction.

I'm personally giving you my strategy, my roadmap.

All you need to do is follow it, and ask us for help if you need it...

If you want to build a successful Audience Business, and want a clear path that will get you there, with personal help to guide you through every step along the way, this training is meant for you...

...and you can start the training TODAY.

...plus a metric ton of tutorials, worksheets, case studies, and special bonuses (more on these in a moment).

Together, they will take you from the very beginning of creating the foundation for your business, all the way to doing major big joint ventures with the leaders in your industry, who have tens of thousands of subscribers (which you'll have, too!).

The training doesn't assume that you already know a lot about marketing, and you don't have to work 8 hours a day to achieve these goals.

Each lesson includes focused "homework" that's easy to follow; you'll have to put in the time to complete it, but if you do, you will absolutely achieve the results that I'm promising.

By going through this training, you'll always know what you need to do next, and what results you can expect when you do.

What could be better than that? Actually, there are a few things, and we included them with the training...

Bonuses, Materials and Resources

Bonus #1: Conversion Principles Training Video

What makes people join your email list, stay on your site, and buy from you?

That's what you'll learn in this bonus video training, created especially for my students by a conversion specialist and copywriter, to show you the key principles involved in converting visitors to subscribers, and subscribers to customers...

The fastest, easiest, and most practical ways to improve conversions.

The simplest (and still very effective) structure for sales letters. You can easily use this template to create a high-converting sales letter, even if you don't know anything about copywriting.

How to use the 3 critical conversion principles to your advantage.

The most common conversion mistakes that most people make (with disastrous consequences), and how you can avoid them.

What to test first to get the best results - and second, and third...
Bonus #2: Beginning-to-End Business Building Case Study

The only thing better than clear action steps that you can follow are specific examples of how these action steps have been applied by other businesses.

That's why we've assembled a series of case studies to illustrate the concepts that we teach you, including a real live, start-to-finish business building case study led by Megan, my assistant instructor in the program.

She's taken the training materials, applied them to build her own business, and documented every step along the way, so you can look over her shoulder and see how she applies everything, and where she stumbles, so that you can avoid the pitfalls!
Bonus #3: Behind the Scenes Webinar Strategy Deconstruction

One of the (many) effective traffic and sales strategies that I'll teach you in the training is webinars, because if you do them right, you can add hundreds (sometimes thousands) of subscribers to your list at a time, and make thousands of dollars in immediate sales.

The trouble is that if you don't know how to do it right, you won't get *any* of those results - no partner will take you seriously, sign-up rates will be poor, and conversions will be non-existent.

That's why, as a very special bonus to the training, I've created a behind-the-scenes deconstruction of the structure that I've used with my highest converting webinar, teaching you *exactly* what I do at each step of the way, and why I do it.

How I instantly differentiate my webinar from every other live training that the audience has attended.

How I use "pattern interrupts" to re-grab the audience's attention, and create engagement with me and my subject matter.

How I address objections before they ever come up, and remove all suspicion from my audience's mind.

How I can end the webinar with a simple, gentle pitch that converts like crazy without having to push hard at all.

Starting an Audience Business is the smartest, most sustainable choice that you can make to secure your future (if you fit the description that I'll share with you in a moment).

An audience drives my business, Firepole Marketing, and it generated over $250K in its second year.

And I've helped *a lot* of other people achieve similar success with their businesses, following the exact same process that I did.

Now, for the first time ever, you can join a training program that will take you by the hand and guide you through every step towards building your own thriving and profitable Audience Business.

Growing Big... FAST

One of the most important indicators of growth in an Audience Business is your email list.

But it's not enough to just "grow"; that could mean adding just one new subscriber every month.

If you follow the right methods, you should be growing by at least 10-15% every single month.

After the first few months, that means hundreds of new subscribers per month.

Does that sound difficult? Have you tried, and not had anywhere near those results?

If so, then you're probably doing the wrong sort of promotion (or you're doing the right thing at the wrong time, which is just as bad) - but don't worry, I'll show you what you *should* be doing, and your results will improve dramatically.

Now, it could be that the issue isn't promotion - it could be that you're getting plenty of traffic, but you're wasting visitors.

It's actually pretty common - most people end up wasting the majority of their traffic; instead of subscribing to your list, the visitors just leave your site, never to return.

There are several things that you could (and should!) be doing to get more visitors to turn into subscribers.

It could be a content fix - like offering them something they really want in exchange for their name and email address (and I'll show you how to figure out what that is, and put it together, quickly and easily).

Or it could be a technology fix - maybe you need to start using split-testing or re-targeting to increase your conversions. (I'll show you how to do both, the right way, in the training.)

And of course, you have to understand the "conversion principles" that persuade people to take action (more about this in a moment)...

But most importantly, there are certain things that you have to know about your visitors.

Knowing those things makes a bigger difference than all the rest combined. And they're not difficult to figure out when you know what you're looking for.

These are examples of questions that you can ask us, and we'll answer!
Inside the member's area of the Audience Business Masterclass!
The Masterclass Makes it Easy for You
The Audience Business Masterclass includes 14 core lessons...

          Finding Your Angle

          Profiling your Customer

          Positioning Yourself and
the Market

          Your First Impression Incentive

          Creating an Auto-Responder
          Engagement Sequence

          The 10% Growth Rule for

          Strategic Guest Posting

          How to Develop a Content Calendar

          Launching Your Blog
Crafting Your First Offer

Building the Product Itself

Finding Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Highly Effective Webinars

The Audience Business Masterclass includes a number of special bonuses, for one simple reason:

When you become our student, your success is my success, and I take that *very* seriously.

We really do everything that we can to ensure your success, which is why we've included several bonuses to make sure you never get stuck, and always achieve the results that we promise.

This comes in the form of a boatload of special bonus resources, like:

And honestly, that's just the start - you'll find bonus resources like this with almost every lesson in the program.

And as great as all these materials, are, it gets even better, because you also get two very special bonus services...

Special Bonus #1:
Unlimited Personal Help From Me
and My Team (Yes, Really!)

The Masterclass will teach you everything that you need to know to build a thriving Audience Business.


...as with anything that takes serious study, we know that you're going to have questions about how to apply what we teach to your specific situation.

That's why we've included *unlimited* access to me and my team for help - as much as you need, for as long as you need it - even after you complete the program!

Here's how it works: you can email us anytime you want, with any questions you have about anything relating to the training, or to your Audience Business.

And we'll answer it within 24 hours. It's that simple.

To make sure everyone gets the best response as quickly as possible, my assistant instructor Megan takes the first pass at answering your questions, but I will see every question, and every answer, and if I have anything to add to Megan's answer, I'll jump right into the conversation.
Special Bonus #2:
"31-Minute Mark Tech Support"

You're building an Audience Business; you need to learn to use a few technologies.

And we want to make sure that you won't get stuck with any of them.

So, if you ever need help figuring something out, just send us an email, and Robyn or Amanda in my team will help you get it sorted - no matter what it takes.

They can answer your questions...

...or write up a procedure for you to follow...

...or they can even get on a Skype screen-share with you, and literally show you how to get it sorted!

I know from past experience (with my own businesses, and with my students) that in the first few months, the technology can seem a little overwhelming.

That's why you get three months of the 31-minute mark tech support from us to make sure you get everything set up right, including...

The platform, design, and hosting or your website...

Creating opt-in forms and email autoresponders...

Developing landing pages...

Setting up split-testing and re-targeting...

Tying it all together with webinars...

...and so on, and so on.

Whatever you need to do, my team will be there to help you do it.

How I KNOW That You Can Do This

Here's the bottom line: I know that this works because I've done it myself, and helped many of my students to do the same.

I built Firepole Marketing following the *exact* same process that you'll follow in the training (except that you won't have to make any of the mistakes that I made along the way!).

And you can expect results that follow the same steep curve that I experienced:
Significant income starting near the end of first year.

Second year: over $250,000.

Third year (projected): At least $500,000, and maybe over a million.

Obviously I can't promise that you'll make half a million dollars in three years, but you can absolutely look forward to enough revenues to replace a full-time income by the end of the first year, and rapid growth after that.

And this isn't just idle talk - this is my iron-clad double guarantee...

Money-Back + Extra $1,000 Guarantee
Join the Masterclass Today

If you start today, and apply what I teach you, then in less than a year, you'll be earning $3-6K/month - I guarantee it.

And you could break 6-figures in less than two years, if that's what you want.

You'll follow a clear, tested process that is broken into short, actionable lessons that are easy to complete, so you don't miss a step.

And if you ever have a question, we're here to help you - as much as you need, and even after the training is over.

You even get three months of unlimited tech support to make sure you get everything up and running.

If you want to create a thriving, successful Audience Business, this training is your ticket to making it happen...

Get started with just $127...

Six payments of $127, billed monthly.
Start the Training >>
Start the Training >>

Until very recently, I've only been able to guide my private clients through this process, and they've happily paid thousands for it (sometimes tens of thousands!).

So, if you want to build a business around doing what you love, this training is meant for you.

Over the course of 14 lessons, I'll take you from the very start of building your foundations, all the way to running major joint ventures with the leaders in your industry.

Each lesson will propel you forward by leaps and bounds, and you'll never need to wonder about the next step...

I'm guaranteeing that if you apply what I teach you, and reach out to us when you need help, you'll start earning at least $3-6K/month within a year from today.

I'll even pay you $1,000 out of my own pocket (and refund the cost of the training) if you don't get there - that's how certain I am of your success.

You can even look forward to breaking 6-figures in your second year, if that's what you want.

Start the training now, and we'll get you there together...

Danny Iny, Founder of Firepole Marketing
Actually, there are two guarantees.

The first is the usual, boring, "you've got 30 days to get your money back, no questions asked" guarantee.

And we stand by it - if for whatever reason you decide that the training isn't for you, we'll issue you a refund - no harm, no foul.

But I want you to understand just how committed I am to your success, so I've got very special guarantee on this program:

I guarantee that, as long as you do the work, apply what I teach you, and reach out to us when you need help, you'll be earning at least $3-6K/month within your first year.

And if you don't, I'll refund your tuition, and pay you $1,000 out of my own pocket.

Yes, I'm that serious about it.

You have to do the work (10-20 hours/week, minimum), and you have to reach out to us if you have questions, or get stuck.

But if you do all that, and don't get the results I'm promising, I'll refund your tuition, and pay you $1,000 out of my own pocket.

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We stand behind our training program, and that if you use it the way you’re supposed to, we’ll guarantee the results. But that doesn't mean that you can sign up, forget about the program, and then email us at any point in the future for a refund.

So, specifically, here’s what you need to do in order to be eligible for the guarantee:

1.     Spend 10-20 hours/week studying and implementing the Masterclass. You have to do this every week (it’s okay if you miss a week here and there, but it’s not okay if you stop working for months at a time). Now, obviously, there’s an honor system in place here; we can’t measure or monitor how much time you spend, but we trust you to be honest.

2.     Reach out to us when you need help or feel stuck. Everyone gets stuck, and the key to making steady and consistent progress is to reach out to us so that we can help you get un-stuck. This is critical; if you want to exercise the guarantee, the first thing we’re going to do is check when you last reached out to us for help; if we haven’t heard from you in months and months, then you won’t be eligible.

3.     Reach out to us soon after your first year with us ends. We’re guaranteeing results in the first 365 days of your training, assuming you put in the time and do the work; that doesn’t mean that the guarantee is a blank cheque that you can cash anytime in the future. To exercise the guarantee, you have to reach out to us during the 90 days immediately following your first year (i.e. days 366 through 456). After that point, you will no longer be eligible.

And of course, if you’ve got any questions about this, just reach out – we’re here to help, and we’re in your corner.